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The Team

Providing taste guidance to Global Food & Drink brands

Specialising in the emotional messages from consumption. Providing taste guidance to the top global food & drink brands. They provide these clients with a unique bridge between the taste and the emotions delivered to the consumer through eating and drinking.

Thornton Mustard

Founding Director

Thornton was Head of New Products -Europe Avon Cosmetics, Group Marketing Director -Cussons and Managing Director for Wrigley at 36. He started his food and research business in 1984 to specialise exclusively in ‘understanding the basis of flavour and fragrance preference’.

Nathaniel Davis

Research Director

Our Managing Director and Head of Research. Holder of a degree in Psychology. A member of the Market Research Society. He has successfully worked with numerous FTSE 100 companies in their marketing challenges.

Market Research Society Member

Russel Davis

Operations Director

Russell is the Commercial Director for Insight on Foods with responsibility for customer development. He has wide international experience and held senior positions at SHV Group. He is responsible for strategic partnerships and professional relationships. Russell’s expertise stems from his background in innovative technologies and methodologies. Key areas of expertise include:

- Commercial proposition development & Implementation
- Consumer insight & understanding
- Brand positioning & strategy
- Data analysis of 49,000+ interviews across multiple industries

Bob Davis

Scientific Advisory Board

The functional foods/nutraceutical side of the team is supported by Bob Davis, emeritus professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Nottingham. Bob has an interest in the emerging interface between food and pharmaceuticals and health and nutrition.

Major Brands We Have Worked On
Coke GSK Ribena Red Bull Mars