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The Mustard Food & Drink Index™

Mustard Food and Drink Index™ - Insight into why Consumers like

Our unique world wide consumer index of taste/flavour preferences.
Allowing our clients to understand the consumer palate by age, region and category.
Highlighting possible enhancements, line extensions or new product opportunities.

  • £2 million of food research
  • World’s major branded food and drink items
  • 49,000 interviews
  • 10 Countries


A database built from 49,000 interviews into leading products across a dozen countries.

Providing detailed insights on mouth taste delivery and learned emotional rewards from product consumption. Modelling analysis highlights key weighted competitive descriptors by category set. Also available are: inter-category evaluations, country taste pallets, niche markets and demographic splits. Used as a guide to qualitative research to evaluate and contextualise the performance of your product brands. Finally validated against the key index scores for the category.

Categories are:

  • Soft drinks CSDs, still drinks, sports drinks and beverages
  • Snack foods and cereals
  • Confectionery, count lines, chocolate bars and complexes
  • Sugar sweets, chewing gum
  • Fast foods and restaurants
  • Cakes and biscuits
  • Canned and frozen meal centres
  • Savoury pies and desserts

How we Work:

1 Stage 1 Use the Mustard Food & Drink Index™
Source key descriptive language of mouth experience and emotional rewards for your product.

2 Stage 2 History of Use Focus Groups – Understand Lifetime Experience

  • First Encounter
  • Teenage Use
  • Adult Behaviour (includes how they introduce)
  • Current Use

3 Stage 3 Taste and Emotional Profiling. Using Psychometric Circles and Taste Profiles generated at Stage 2. Identify links and patterns between taste and emotions. Identify key Psychological drivers.

4 Stage 4 Outputs and Debrief using: Taste Signature, Consumer Experience Taste Progression, Consumption Experience Narrative and where required a Taste Brief.

Major Brands We Have Worked On
Coke GSK Ribena Red Bull Mars