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Leading insight consultancy for global food & drink brands.


Develop the brand successfully by being faithful to its taste and emotional rewards in line extensions.


Process Description

You see them everywhere. Brands extending ridiculously beyond their core competence simply because a few extra sales are generated. Eventually of course the brand is undercut and damaged and it’s clear message is weakened. Our system enables you to avoid all of these errors and at the same time take full advantage of the property you have. Allowing you to know your consumption experience. Knowing your consumption experience is a corporate asset. This means the consumer immediately recognises that taste as belonging to that brand, even though it is in a new format, or even a completely different Need State or other food category. In this way the brand could move into radically different areas, but still carry the true message at the heart of the taste.

Who is it For?

CLIENT TYPES:  R & D, Food & Drink Manufacturers, Innovation,  Marketing

See the Team

Nathaniel Davis is our trendrider™ adviser. Please contact him on +44 (0) 7529907302.

  • Taste Signature®
    The Taste Signature® is your brand asset. The footprint. The epitome of the personality of its consumption experience.
    Understand the moving taste palate. We have detected a significant changes in taste trends as compared to those in the same cohorts ten years ago.
    The complete consumer vocabulary, the taste profile, the emotional experience for your product.
    We provide a “Bridge of Language” between what the consumer experiences, what R&D and marketing requires.
  • Fat/Salt/Sugar Reduction™
    We identify the prime tastes, mouthfeels and carbonation levels that trigger the most positive emotions which deliver delight and deliciousness. You what you can and can't alter.
    Mustard Food & Drink Index™
    A database built from 49,000 interviews into leading products across a dozen countries.
    Ensure that consumers will not look elsewhere for the same reward once you have changed the product. We assess how changes to the recipe fit with your brand’s desired range of emotions.
    Develop the brand successfully by being faithful to its taste and emotional rewards in line extensions.
  • trendrider™
    Our reports to help you ride the next food trend.
    Allows brand positioning and communication to deliver elements that are central to your brand promise.
    Insight on Foods pack design approach using "found" emotions. To help packaging design to pick up on emotions and utilising appropriate colours or graphics to help communicate the taste.
    Modify your product for new countries. Understand the local taste palate of a market & the emotional messages that are being generated by your product.
Major Brands We Have Worked On
Coke GSK Ribena Red Bull Mars